Ray-ban – take away tour

I was already doing large-scale creative actions in 2013. For the Ray-Ban brand, together with the team, we came up with, planned and implemented a number of crazy ideas, but I remember the take away tour the most.

Take away is street music. This is a new artistic and musical phenomenon that is appearing more and more often on the streets of European cities. The action consists in organizing unique offstage music meetings. Artists, photographers and filmmakers meet in public urban space and play live while strolling through the streets. This urban show aims to bring music into the realm of everyday life. The artists want to reduce music to its most indigenous form and encourage direct, often accidental, contact with the audience.

Inside the bus you could relax playing a game, on the roof of our music vehicle DJ Poor Niko played every day and the recipients could catch the first rays of spring sun in our Ray Ban chill-out zone.

In addition, you could create your own graffiti on the bus and for the most talented there were special gifts from the Ray Ban brand.

On weekend evenings, the double decker rode the trails of the most seasoned party lovers. There was a chance that we were taking „random people” and transporting them from club to club.